Cinderella Live Action 2015…You Shall Go To The Ball…Pictures in the Snow

It has been roughly two weeks since my last post. I have had these pictures done for a while now. Just haven’t had the time to go through them. Not the kind of time I would have liked anyways. I wrapped up a commission for someone and life just seemed to get in the way. I also managed to make a few baby outfits and none of my make nine for the year. One is all set and ready to sew, just haven’t had the time to sew it.

But enough of the holdup. This post isn’t about my lack of sewing for the year or my lack of being productive. And I was productive in the organizing phase, soon to be even more organized once I get a system down. No, this post isn’t about any of that. This post is about the final pictures for Cinderella. At least the final for now. I need to take them in the summer with some old buildings somewhere, or new stone buildings. But without further words, here they are. The lovely pictures were taken by my sister. She was kind enough to trudge through the snow in the freezing cold with me to get these shots. We were out there for almost a couple of hours. And while I had on all the layers of the petticoats to protect me from the cold, she did not. And I just love these pictures.

Cinderella Winter 004Cinderella Winter 062Cinderella Winter 060Cinderella Winter 006Cinderella Winter 064Cinderella Winter 078


Author: consortcreations

This blog is all about my sewing adventures. Whether it be cosplay, historical-esque, or original designs. You will find all of those things here. I am 26, I have been sewing for a total of two and a half years. I started it as something fun, a small hobby. But it has turned into a bigger part of my life. Bigger than I thought it would be. I am completely self-taught. That is I had no first hand sewing teacher. I learned through the power of trial and error as well as reading blogs. The inspiration to sew came from many places. Television and literature being the two biggest. And I figured, I might as well try to make it myself, it would be more cost effective than paying someone else to make it. Besides how hard could it be? And boy was it hard. But then not so much. It is just trying something and if that didn’t work try it another way. If you have any questions, just ask. Or if you want to comment feel free.

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