Cinderella Live Action 2015…You Shall Go To The Ball… Part Two: Bloomers

This part was the only blog post I forgot to write about. They were going to be combined in a post with the chemise, but the chemise was never made due to lack of time. In the future when I come back to Cinderella I will make the chemise. And most likely remake the bodice. But enough of that, onto the Bloomers.

If you know me then you know I love bloomers and frills and ruffles. And I just knew that these bloomers had to be over the top. And not historically accurate. Maybe one day I will do the split drawers, but for now I am content with what I make.

So the bloomers only happened this way because of the fabric I found. I was scouring the remnants section of Joanns for some fabric to make gloves for another project when I came across two ½ yard lengths of the same lace in the bin. And they were just too pretty to leave behind even though I had no idea what to make with them. I bought them anyways. But being a half a yard the options were limited. Jump ahead a half year when I saw the promo pictures for Cinderella I knew that they would become the bloomers for her.

To begin I fray checked the bottom edge, which is just a straight line, and then cut across that line. Then I found an off white lace trim for them that was similar lengths to the edges of the fabric. Now since lace were just two half yard pieces I cut them in half. That left me with four half yards. I placed the two on top of each other. And cut out a curved line, shown below….

On both pieces. The back was a little wider, for the bum. I shaved off enough for a waistband, but I just went with ribbon instead later on. On the other edge I curved the top a bit inwards. Just enough to curve over the hip a little.

Next I sewed the front and the back legs at the side seam running down the hip, I left the right side pieces open about 6 inches at the top to allow me to get them on and off, this is where the opening of the waistband will go. This left two pieces sewn at the hip and here you can add the lace trim to the bottom. And add elastic to the calf part on the inside. I used a very thin elastic, ¼ inch wide.

Then I placed right sides together and sewed up both edges including the crotch and bum seams (as these are not historically accurate split drawers). The only other step is to attach them to a waistband. Any waistband method of your choice. I went with satin ribbon. I gathered the waist down to the length of the ribbon leaving an extra inch of overlap as to allow me to safety-pin the bloomers closed. Then the edge of the ribbon was turned inward to hide the inner seam.

Unfortunately, photos are limited of this piece. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment on here or on my Instagram or my Facebook. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And have a good day. The next posts are all completed, and I just have to get the photos off my camera and they will be posted weekly or bi-weekly. Sorry for the delay. I’ve decided to take on a last minute project for this weekend. So the next post will be up on Sunday. As the con I am going to is Saturday only.


Author: consortcreations

This blog is all about my sewing adventures. Whether it be cosplay, historical-esque, or original designs. You will find all of those things here. I am 26, I have been sewing for a total of two and a half years. I started it as something fun, a small hobby. But it has turned into a bigger part of my life. Bigger than I thought it would be. I am completely self-taught. That is I had no first hand sewing teacher. I learned through the power of trial and error as well as reading blogs. The inspiration to sew came from many places. Television and literature being the two biggest. And I figured, I might as well try to make it myself, it would be more cost effective than paying someone else to make it. Besides how hard could it be? And boy was it hard. But then not so much. It is just trying something and if that didn’t work try it another way. If you have any questions, just ask. Or if you want to comment feel free.

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