Anastasia Ending Ball Gown Pictures

Here are the pictures of my Anastasia gown. This was my first photo shoot, taken by my talented sister. The mosquitos were out, as well as bees, and all kinds of bugs. I’m not a bug person. Or a hot weather person. But it was lovely. These were taken at the Garden of Reflection: In Remembrance Of Those We Love. A beautiful and well-kept garden park. There were a lot of pictures to go through and they were all pretty great. These are a few of my favorite ones.

Anastasia Court Gown 001

Anastasia Court Gown 028

Anastasia Court Gown 033

Let me know what you think. Next post will be up within this week. I’ll have a poll up on my instagram for what you guys want me to post next.


Author: consortcreations

This blog is all about my sewing adventures. Whether it be cosplay, historical-esque, or original designs. You will find all of those things here. I am 26, I have been sewing for a total of two and a half years. I started it as something fun, a small hobby. But it has turned into a bigger part of my life. Bigger than I thought it would be. I am completely self-taught. That is I had no first hand sewing teacher. I learned through the power of trial and error as well as reading blogs. The inspiration to sew came from many places. Television and literature being the two biggest. And I figured, I might as well try to make it myself, it would be more cost effective than paying someone else to make it. Besides how hard could it be? And boy was it hard. But then not so much. It is just trying something and if that didn’t work try it another way. If you have any questions, just ask. Or if you want to comment feel free.

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