Belle Beauty and the Beast Live Action 2017 Peasant Concept and Materials

From the exceedingly long title up above you can pretty much surmise that I am recreating, to the best of my ability, one of Belle’s peasant dresses from the new movie. I am excited to go see it. And since the Cosplay Disney Princess of Alaska are showing up to the new premier as Disney characters I figured why not give it a try and challenge myself. Now the real challenge would have been to take up one of the ball gowns, either new or animated. But I already have a ball gown planned for this year and do not see myself making more than one a year. Although this will be my first post on any ball gown with a crinoline; unless you count the crinoline I made for Anastasia that was not used for Anastasia as the time period was all wrong. As well as the silhouette.

I found this image online.

As I was researching this costume, it is far different from the animated movie. And not historically accurate either. The biggest thing missing is the corsets. Which everyone, or almost everyone would have worn one in that era. They were made to be comfortable, even one could work in them. They did restrict some movement, like bending at the waist, but that didn’t stop someone from being able to work in a corset or stays. Because of this, I will be adding a corset to my costume. Stays to be exact. They are based on that same era. I modified a pattern from Simplicity. It didn’t need much modifying. I just changed boning placements. Also I cut out 4 sizes too small. I cut the sixteen over the twenty. The pattern wasn’t supposed to have ease, but it did. Eventually I will need to make another set, as I have lost some weight. Not enough for me to make another soon, as I extremely dislike binding stays. The tabs are the worst.

Another liberty they took in this movie adaption, if you could call it that. They lifted the hem of her skirts, showing Belle’s bloomers, which just wasn’t done in that era. They are undergarments. The bloomers or pantaloons are her underwear. And if made correctly they would have a slit where the crotch seam goes. Mine are not made correctly. I opted out of that. Also, the pockets as far as I am aware are usually worn underneath the skirts, not on the outside. I’ll explain later in the post.

Onto the Supplies:

Patterning Supplies- Rulers, Tape Measurer, Markers, Pens, Scissors, Pattern Paper, Pins, Muslin…

Chemies-2 to 3 yards of a voile or batiste white, ¼” elastic, ½” – ¾” wide 2 yards-ish lace in matching white, thread.

Petticoat- (The petticoat that peaks out at the bottom.) 2 yards of eyelet/cutout cotton white, 1 yard cotton lace eyelet white, 3” wide 4 yards white lace, thread, drawstring, 6” of fusible interfacing 20” wide.

Under Petti- 9 yards of cotton sateen (from stash), thread, drawstring.

Bloomers- 1 yard 10 inches of 108” wide blue patterned cotton, ½” wide elastic, 6” fusible interfacing 20” wide, thread, 1.5 yard 3” wide lace white, ½” wide ribbon in blue, 1.5 yard of eyelet ribbon.

Vest- 20” linen, blue dyes, thread, steel bones, grommets/eyelets/sewn, 20” wide fusible interfacing 100” long, stays. 15” of blue patterned fabric for front panel. 15” of flower patterned red fabric, 20” of lining fabric, 20” yard of strength fabric?

Skirt- 2.5 yards of blue fabric from stash, packet of blue dye to darken, thread, elastic/drawstring/hooks and eyes?.

Apron- Blue fabric from stash (it was a wonky cut I picked up from somewhere, also not checkered but I thought it would be a nice change from the checkered {if that fails and I don’t like it I will buy a blue checkered fabric}), thread, drawstring, 2” interface 20” wide.

Pockets- ¼ yard of a white with red stripes and same amount for a white with blue stripes, red binding, blue binding, thread.

Kerchief- Left over fabric from the chemise, and thread.

P.S. My supplies will vary a bit. I may need to add a few items to the list, but if I do I will mention that in the posts on the pieces that will have changes. Also, if time permits I would like to make one of the jackets, either the white/blue one or the blue one. Not sure yet. Leaning toward the outer of the white/blue and the inner of the blue (which is a rich red). Who knows maybe I will have time. At the moment I have 19 days including today.


Author: consortcreations

This blog is all about my sewing adventures. Whether it be cosplay, historical-esque, or original designs. You will find all of those things here. I am 26, I have been sewing for a total of two and a half years. I started it as something fun, a small hobby. But it has turned into a bigger part of my life. Bigger than I thought it would be. I am completely self-taught. That is I had no first hand sewing teacher. I learned through the power of trial and error as well as reading blogs. The inspiration to sew came from many places. Television and literature being the two biggest. And I figured, I might as well try to make it myself, it would be more cost effective than paying someone else to make it. Besides how hard could it be? And boy was it hard. But then not so much. It is just trying something and if that didn’t work try it another way. If you have any questions, just ask. Or if you want to comment feel free.

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